Writer AI Detector Review

Discover Writer AI Detector's capabilities in this quick review. Learn how it detects AI-generated content, exploring its features for maintaining authentic writing.

By: Joanna Penn, Published on: 2023-12-30, Last Updated: 09-01-2024

Reviewed by: Steven Pinker

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Writer.com has an AI detector that can figure out if the content is written by a human or an AI tool. It helps with different writing things, such as detecting AI-generated content and checking for plagiarism. Users can quickly check and ensure the authenticity of the text.

These tools help you maintain a website that meets Google's standards. These tools create valuable content to your audience.

Let’s take a closer look at Writer.com’s AI content detection capabilities. We will also do some tests to see how well the platform can find content created by AI. Before conducting a review, it is important to know about our reviewing process.

Process of Reviewing

When we looked at writer.com closely, we followed a structure to test methodology how good it is at finding both human-written and AI-generated content.

Step 1 – Initial Assessment: We started with the basics by giving Writer content from humans and from AI to see how well it could differentiate between them. 

Step 2 – Checking Accuracy: In this step, we looked closely at parts of a human-written blog and an AI-generated piece of writing to see how accurate Writer is. We also tested entire human blogs and AI texts to see if it's reliable for longer pieces.

Step 3 – Experimenting with Strategies: Finally, we explored various techniques to check if Writer misled people into believing that AI-generated content was actually written by a person. This helped us understand where Writer performs effectively and where it may face challenges.

Checking How Well Writer Works

Now it's time to know how good a Writer website is at finding AI similarities and differences in written content. We did a test to figure out how well it works.

Firstly I give a prompt to ChatGPT and ask to generate a paragraph about “The Future of Content Writing”. 

ChatGPT provides me paragraph immediately.

Now, it’s time to test whether a writer’s AI checker can find AI plagiarism. So, I copied the content and feed into its AI detection tool.

This is the final outcome of the writer's results. It provides me 60% human generated content. 

Now, it's time for me to test what this tool does with 100% human written content. So, I wrote a paragraph and pasted in this tool.

This time it showed me that the content is 100% unique and human written.


Writer has a few AI tools which can be useful for a lot of people. Following are some of the key features of writer.com’s AI detector tool:

  • Find AI similarities
  • Has a dedicated customer support team
  • Provides percentage-based score
  • Strong contextual understanding

How Much Does Writer.com Cost?

This tool is free.

Pros and Cons 

Let's take a look at some of the Pros and Cons of Writer AI detector



1. Easy to use and understand

1. Lack of color coding to show difference between AI and human written content.

2. You don't have to sign up to use AI detection.

2. Not as detailed as some other tools.

3. You can share the membership with your team.

3. Lacks advanced content features found in other tools.

Best Suited For

Writer's free AI detection is great for writers who want to make their content better. Website owners can check how much content is AI generated across their website. Writer.com is a simple and affordable tool. You can use it to get feedback on your writing or make sure that the content on your websites is good quality.


  1. Small SEO Tools
  2. Crossplag
  3. Content at Scale
  4. DupliChecker
  5. ZeroGPT
  6. AI Content Checker


Writer.com provides some advanced AI checker in its free package. However, if you're specifically looking for reliable AI-detection capabilities, you must consider writer.com AI detection tool.

For casual users wanting to quickly check a small amount of text or a short article, Writer.com's free scanning feature could be beneficial. The choice depends on the users' needs and how they use the tool.