GLTR AI Detector Review

Explore the GLTR AI Detector in this brief review. Understand how it enhances your writing. Learn about its features for maintaining clarity in your text.

By: Joanna Penn, Published on: 2024-01-03, Last Updated: 09-01-2024

Reviewed by: Steven Pinker

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Giant Language Model Test Room (GLTR) is a tool that detects AI content . It highlights each word to figure out how it is similar to AI content. It's based on GPT-2 technology, which is really good at understanding and generating human-like text.

In this article, I’ll review this AI detector. Now we will see how well it checks AI and how accurate it is. Before I start reviewing, let’s check the reviewing process.

Process of Reviewing 

When we looked at GLTR closely, we followed a structure to test methodology how good it is at finding both human-written and AI-generated content.

Step 1 – Initial Assessment

We started with the basics by giving GLTR writing from humans and from AI to see how well it could differentiate between them. 

Step 2 – Checking Accuracy

 In this step, we looked closely at parts of a human-written blog and an AI-generated piece of writing to see how accurate GLTR is. We also tested entire human blogs and AI texts to see if it's reliable for longer pieces.

Step 3 – Experimenting with Strategies

Finally, we explored various techniques to check if GLTR misled people into believing that AI-generated content was actually written by a person. This helped us understand where GLTR performs effectively and where it may face challenges.

Checking How Well GLTR Works

This tool takes a different approach compared to many AI content detection tools. It doesn't rely on a probability format. This tool highlights the word according to the result.

Now, I’m going to check the accuracy of GLTR. I head into ChatGPT and ask to generate a paragraph on “storytelling”

ChatGPT provides me results instantly. Now, let's see how well this tool did in this test and it finds mistakes in AI content .

This is the final outcome of the GLTR results. Red color shows that the content is generated by an AI tool. 

Now I have pasted human-written content into this AI checker. Let's see if it gives the same results or not.

It can see the differences in how people write and how AI generates content. This time GLTR provides different results. Most of the content is in Green color which ensures that the content is genuine and unique. 


GLTR automatically identifies generated text using forensic analysis techniques. Its main key features are:

  • It uses a special language tool called GPT-2. 
  • The histogram feature shows you a picture of the various words used in a piece of writing. 
  • GLTR's main features involve using forensic text analysis to highlight specific words that may be generated by AI.

How Much Does GLTR Cost?

GLTR is Free to use.

Pros and Cons 

Let’s find pros and cons of the GLTR AI checker tool.


  • Words in different colors make it easy to understand.
  • Use tables and pictures to show why something is true.
  • Check complex words in GRE texts to find content made by computers.
  • Save money.


  • Might be a bit tricky to understand at first.
  • It's not very good for the latest technologies.

GLTR AI Checker is Best for?

GLTR is great for researchers and developers. It gives them a set of tools, data, and tests for studying language in AI. Instead of being easy for everyday users, it's more about helping experts improve AI models together. It's designed to boost long-term capabilities rather than just making things easy for users.


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GLTR is a strong and useful AI checker tool. Its features, accuracy, and easy-to-use, but it can sometimes make mistakes and needs updates. Still, it's handy for students, researchers, recruiters, and content creators. It is designed to help many people in different scnerios.