Originality AI Detector Review

Find out about Originality AI Detector in this review. Learn about its features and how it works to make sure your writing is genuine.

By: Steven Pinker, Published on: 2024-01-03, Last Updated: 09-01-2024

Reviewed by: Joanna Penn

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Originality.ai is a website that finds content made by AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard. It can easily detect AI from articles, reviews, emails e.t.c. Users can easily verify and make sure that the content is unique. 

Let’s review originality.ai AI detector to find how useful it is for all.

What does Originality.ai do?

Originality.ai is a smart tool that verifies whether your content is unique or generated by any AI tool. If you want to handle a lot of writing and content creation, originality.ai can help you out. It's easy to work with because this AI content detector is easy to handle for users. It shows which sentences might have been written by AI or by a person.

Process of Reviewing 

When we looked at Originality.ai closely, we followed a structure to test methodology how good it is at finding both human-written and AI-generated content.

Step 1 – Initial Assessment: We started with the basics by giving Originality.ai writing from humans and from AI to see how well it could differentiate between them. 

Step 2 – Checking Accuracy: In this step, we looked closely at parts of a human-written blog and an AI-generated piece of writing to see how accurate Originality.ai is. 

Step 3 – Experimenting with Strategies: Finally, we explored various techniques to check if Originality.ai misled people into believing that AI-generated content was actually written by a person. This helped us understand where Originality.ai performs effectively and where it may face challenges.

Checking How Well Originality.ai AI Content Detector Works

We wanted to see how good the Originality.ai AI detector is at finding AI similarities and differences in written content. We will do a test to figure out how it works.

Firstly: I will head into ChatGPT and ask to generate a paragraph about 5 affiliate marketing mistakes. 

ChatGPT gave me results immediately. Now, it’s time to test whether a Originality.ai AI detection can find AI similarity.

This is the final outcome of the originality.ai AI detection results. It provides me 3% human written content and 97% content is generated by an AI tool. 

Secondly: I gave originality.ai AI content detector something written by a person. Let’s see whether it provides the same results or not.

This time it showed me that the content is 98% unique and human written.


Originality.ai feature is designed to check that text is generated by AI software or human written. It shows an estimated percentage score based on the writing that is written by AI.

1. Credit System

This tool uses a credit system, allowing users to manage and understand the cost. It is associated with checking plagiarism or detecting AI-generated content.

2. Complete Website Examination 

Originality.ai is developing a useful tool called "complete website examination" to check entire websites for copied or AI content. It's not available yet, but you'll be able to use it in the future by entering a website's address.

3. Team Collaboration 

Originality.AI lets you invite team members to check content accuracy. Add or remove team members as needed. View their activity history and manage their access easily.

How Much Does Originality AI Detector Cost?

Pricing for originality AI is flexible, designed to meet the needs of various users. Each plan provides different access levels to specific features and comes with a certain amount of credits. Here is plan of the Originality.AI tool

One-time Plan: One time plan cost 30{2}lt;/p>

Per month plan: Per month plan cost 14.95{2}lt;/p>

Pros and Cons 

Now, let's see what's good and not so good about Originality.AI to understand it better.



1. Pricing is quite affordable. You only need $14.95 to get 2000 credits.

1. You can't upload files directly.

2. You can connect with other tools using the API.

2. You have to give a name to each scan, 

it doesn't do it automatically.

3. It allows you to add as many team members as you want.

3. It doesn't show which part of the content is copied or written by AI.

Originality.ai AI Content Detection is Best for?

Originality.AI is great for working together. You can share findings, and review scan history. While it's particularly useful for writing and SEO agencies looking for AI-free content, it's a good fit for anyone who wants to make sure their content is genuine.



Originality.ai AI content detector is helpful for making sure content is unique and easy to understand. It's good at finding content made by AI, but sometimes it makes mistakes. The plagiarism check is useful for writers. After testing it a lot, we found that originality.ai's AI content detector is one of the better tools out there.