Undetectable.AI Detector Review

Let me tell you about Undetectable.AI - it's a versatile tool for writers, bloggers, and creators like me. Using advanced algorithms, it effortlessly detects AI and humanizes content.

By: Joanna Penn, Published on: 2024-01-03, Last Updated: 12-03-2024

Reviewed by: Steven Pinker

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AI stuff blends in too well these days. That's where Undetectable.ai steps in, claiming a 94% success rate at spotting AI-created content. As someone who's part of a team looking into this, I've been trying out Undetectable.ai myself. It's not just about catching AI texts from big names like ChatGPT or GPT-4; it's also for anyone creating content and wanting to stay original.


Undetectable.ai helps keep your work yours and even has a cool feature to make AI text sound more human in just a few clicks. I'm using it and observing how this tool works, from detecting AI to humanizing text, to see if it really does the trick. Let's find out how it holds up in real situations.

Process of Reviewing

I thoroughly tested the Undetectable AI checker to see how well it could tell whether the content was written by a human or generated by AI:

Step 1: Initial Evaluation

I compared human-written and AI-generated content to test if the AI checker can tell the difference.

Step 2: Precision and Reliability Test

In this step, I compared the accuracy of this tool to that of a human-written blog and an AI-generated piece.

Step 3: Experimenting with Strategies

Finally, I tried various tricks to see if this AI detector could show AI-generated content as human-written. 

Checking How Well undetectable.ai Works

As you enter your content, this tool provides you with two options: 'Check for AI' or 'Humanize.' Let’s see what the purpose of these two features is.

1. Check For AI

This option allows the user to find the AI in the content. You will find three different colors:

  • The red color will highlight if the content is 0% human
  • The orange color will highlight if the content is 50% human
  • The green color will highlight if the content is 100% human

Now, it’s time for us to check the accuracy of undetectable ai detector. I simply asked ChatGPT to generate a paragraph on social media.

undetectable.ai prompt

ChatGPT instantly provided me with a paragraph of 74 words on this topic. 

I opened the tool and pasted my generated paragraph in the text box to check for AI plagiarism. After clicking on “Check for AI," this tool displays the result instantly, showing that the content was AI-generated.


2. Humanize the AI Text

Now we can play with the second option this tool provides, “Humanize the AI text.” I’ll simply click on this button to see if this tool can add a human touch to this AI-generated content.


As I clicked on the button, the tool instantly humanized the content.

Now, let’s check whether this tool can detect its AI percentage again.

I entered the same content (I humanized it earlier).

humanizing content

On clicking “Check for AI,” this tool didn’t find AI similarity within the content.

Now that I’ve tested this tool with AI content, it’s time for me to check what it does with human-written content.

So, I wrote a paragraph on the same topic and fed it to the tool. Here’s what it showed:

final results

 This AI checker shows that the content appeared to be human-written. 

On checking its accuracy, I found that it detects AI in the content and also humanizes any AI-written content efficiently.

Key Features 

Undetectable ai checker uses advanced algorithms like machine learning, dynamic programming, and quantum algorithms. These algorithms help to differentiate between human-written and AI-generated content. Let's take a look at some of the cool features. 

  • It can detect AI and also humanize that content accurately.
  • It can analyze up to 10,000 characters in a single go.
  • It accurately identifies text from GPT-3, GPT-4, Bard, Claude, and other AI writing tools.

Price Plan

Undetectable.ai comes with a free plan that covers up to 15,000 characters of text. But if you're a regular user who wants to check more text, there are three paid plans:

  1. Monthly Plan: For $9.99 per month.
  2. Yearly Plan: For $5 per month. 
  3. For Business Plan: There is a manual setting of words, and on that basis, the pricing will be set accordingly. undetectable.ai price plan

Moreover, if you are searching for a totally free AI detection tool, you can use the AI Checker Essay. It can detect AI from the content and show you the score in percentage. 

Pros and Cons of Undetectable.ai

Let us look at the pros and cons. 


  • It combines the eight best free AI detectors in one place, providing the results you need.
  • Provide AI detection and rewriting of text perfectly.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface.
  • There's a free version that anyone can use. 


  • It lacks a feature that highlights the AI-detected text.
  • There is a need to edit the output.
  • It doesn’t support other languages except English.

Best For

Undetectable ai detector is best for marketing professionals, bloggers, writers, students, researchers, and journalists. It can easily detect the AI level of the text and can also humanize it to make your content AI detection-free.

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Exceptional Information


Undetectable.ai is awesome because it can tell if writing is from a person or a computer. It puts eight cool checkers together, giving fast and right answers.

It's really good for writers, people who study stuff, and those hiring for jobs to make sure everything is real. Even though it might need a little fixing, it's easy to use and free, so it's great for lots of different things.