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By: Joanna Penn, Published on: 2024-01-06, Last Updated: 13-01-2024

Reviewed by: Steven Pinker

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Doctrina AI is a smart educational website for studying. This educational site facilitates students for exam preparation. Doctrina generates random tests based on your learning. Students can pick specific books, authors, subjects and topics according to their need.

There are several options for students to help them in their learning process. Doctrina AI can do a variety of different things:

  • Make quiz
  • Write-up class notes
  • Create essays
  • Generate exams
  • Do chat 
  • Write summary

This AI is perfect for students' preparation for exams. You can cover a lot of subjects with the help of this tool. Doctrina AI doesn't just make questions, but it also gives you the right answers. 

Top Doctrina AI Tools

Doctrina AI offers several education tools for helping students. We looked at their top 4 AI tools:

1. Exam Generator

This tool makes customized quizzes and tests based on the subjects, years, and concepts you select. It writes exam questions for you along with answers. The Exam Generator prepares students for exams by testing them.

2. Notes

The Notes feature summarizes a student's class notes, mentioning the main ideas and themes. This tool also provides materials to read. Students can share and even sell their summarized notes with others. 

3. Essays

This feature helps students start writing essays according to subjects and questions. It can generate high-quality essays in just seconds, so students waste less time. 

4. Quizzes

This tool makes interactive quizzes related to the topics and difficulty levels you want. You can customize quizzes to focus on certain areas or challenge yourself more. It's an efficient way to check knowledge and understanding.

How Doctrina AI is Helpful for Students

The Doctrina AI generator presents numerous advantages for both students and instructors. Here are several key benefits:

1. Saving Time

This tool saves time and creates learning materials. It makes essays and exams by itself, so you can spend more time reading your notes and less time getting ready.

2. Personalized Learning

Doctrina AI changes the content according to the needs of students. If you need more help on a topic, it gives you more questions about that topic. It also makes things easier to understand. 

3. Increase Engagement

The quizzes and tests created by Doctrina AI are like fun activities. They engage you in reading, which helps you remember things better. It's a fun way to learn and remember.

4. Consistent Quality

This AI website makes sure that the quality of the generated content is consistently high, this can help you improve grades and academic performance.

5. Versatility

Doctrina AI can handle large volumes of data at once, so it can be helpful for individual learners and educational institutions.

How to use Doctrina AI

Using Doctrina AI is an easy process designed to be user friendly for students and teachers. Here's how you can begin:

Open the official Doctrina AI website and click on the “sign up” button.

Next,you will be required to fill out the form below to create your free account.

After creating an account. Select tools which you want to use like the Exam Generator, Essay Generator, or Quiz Generator. 

Now, select the Quiz AI Generator to make a quiz for yourself. 

The Quiz Generator allows you to make quizzes on a general subject or a particular book. You can customize the quiz's subject, the main topic it focuses on, and the difficulty of the questions (Easy, Medium, and Hard). Your grade or year level will also factor how advanced your questions areIn this example, we used the tool to generate general questions about science, with "Plants" as our main topic. We selected the year level as "4th Grade" and set the difficulty to Easy.

Here are some of the questions it generated.

The tool generated ten questions in total. All of them were related to our main topic and were suitable for the grade level we chose earlier.

Doctrina AI has another AI tool Class Notes. It makes your simple lecture notes better by adding useful ideas about the topic. This tool also suggests other book references for more information. 

Now, we placed our sample notes about English Grammar rules and the result is here:

The tool adds extra information in our notes. It also gave book suggestions at the end of each part.

Pros and Cons 

Some of the pros and cons of the Dotorina AI educational tool are discussed below:


  • Subscription plans are relatively cheaper
  • User-friendly interface
  • Time and Effort Saving
  • Individual Learning


  • Limited features on free version
  • It should support more languages


Doctrina AI is mostly free, but you can choose to pay for more features. You can use some of the tools without paying. You can create a quiz and use the class notes tool for free.

If you want to use everything, you have to pay. Right now, it's only $39 for lifetime access to everything on Doctrina.


Doctrina AI is a valuable educational tool for students. It offers a range of features like individual learning, time-saving options, and interactive quizzes. This AI tool has affordable subscription plans, although some limitations exist in the free version. Overall, it proves beneficial for both students and educators in increasing their knowledge.