Letsenhance.io Review

Enhance images effortlessly with Letsenhance.io. It’s AI-powered photo editing for high-quality results. Crop, resize, add text, and more.

By: Steven Pinker, Published on: 2024-01-10, Last Updated: 13-03-2024

Reviewed by: Joanna Penn

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Ever looked at a picture and wished it was clearer or bigger but worried you'd lose the quality or mess up the colors? I've been there, especially when trying to make images look just right for social media or a website.


That's when I found Let's Enhance. My team and I are always looking for tools that make digital work easier, so I tested it out. It's amazing how it uses AI to boost the size of your images without making them blurry or changing their original colors.

Whether you're fixing up photos for online selling, making real estate look more inviting, or just want your pictures to pop, Let's Enhance has got your back. It even has special filters to make sure everything looks perfect, from bumping up image resolution to brightening colors. Let's dive into how Let's Enhance can transform your photos effortlessly.

Key Features of Letsenhance.io

  • Add text to images and modify it in various styles.
  • Edit photos by cropping, resizing, rotating, and much more.
  • Efficiently erase unwanted objects or content from the photos with a simple brush.
  • Enhance photos, adjust colors, eliminate blemishes, fix lighting, and remove red-eye.
  • Allow batch editing for efficient processing (edit multiple images at once).
  • Allows the import/export of data in various file formats, like PDF, PNG, or HTML files.
  • Provides convenient online storage (cloud storage) space for your data.

Pros and Cons of Letsenhance.io


  • The application is user-friendly.
  • Ensures high-quality images with clarity.
  • Effectively avoids pixelation during enhancement.
  • Keeps images sharp and clear by minimizing blurring.


  • A watermark is added to every photo in the free account.
  • Some low-quality images take more than 2-3 minutes to process.

Pricing Plan

  1. For free, you will get 10 credits.
  2. For $9 per month, you will get 100 credits.
  3. For $24 per month, you will get 300 credits. 
  4. For $34 per month, you will get 500 credits. letsenhance-pricing

Who Is It For?

Let’s enhance.io is best for photo editors, animators, graphic designers, and videographers.


  • GIMP
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Cutout.pro
  • AI Image Enlarger
  • Image Upscaler

Exceptional Information


Is Let's Enhance free? 

Let's Enhance IO offers a credit system. You can use this tool for free with up to 5 images at once. After using up your free limit, you need to subscribe monthly. The monthly subscriptions cost $9, $24, and $34, respectively. These subscriptions allow you to process 100, 300, and 500 images per month.

How does Let's Enhance work?

Let’s Enhance is a website you can use in your browser. You can upload your image and follow the steps.

How long does Let's Enhance take? 

With the help of strong AI, the image can be processed automatically. You'll see a bigger picture in just a few seconds after making a change.

Is Let's Enhance.io legit?

Yes, this AI tool is a real website. AI improves pictures on the site. It can also create AI images. 

What kind of images could you upscale with Let's Enhance?

We can improve support for JPG, PNG, and WebP formats. These formats are very common now. It won't be a problem.

Is Let's Enhance safe?

Yes, Let's Enhance.io is safe. You can upload your images to the website without worry. The AI will then process your uploaded photos.