Maskr.AI Review

Maskr.AI merges faces with celebrities. Creates instant, free, and fun selfies in seconds. Let’s take a complete review of it!

By: Joanna Penn, Published on: 2024-01-10, Last Updated: 13-03-2024

Reviewed by: Steven Pinker

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Ever dreamed of a selfie with Elon Musk, Messi, or Einstein? With Maskr.AI, it's possible. This AI tool lets you merge your face with celebrities, creating ultra-realistic selfies in seconds. It analyzes lighting and expressions for a smooth blend, making photo editing fun and fast.


Plus, the app creates captions to make the experience even better. This tool isn't just for fun – it also helps businesses create great marketing campaigns.

They can use famous faces to make a bigger impact. Whether it's capturing special moments or impressing others, this tool makes dreams come true with every selfie.

Here, my team and I are eagerly trying our best to test this tool and present you with the most accurate information regarding it. So let’s take a comprehensive review of this tool and get the correct info!

Key Features of Maskr.AI

  • Instant AI-generated selfies with celebrities.
  • Free and user-friendly, as there is no need to install it.
  • There is a huge library of celebrities to choose from.
  • Generated selfies can be easily shared on any social media platform.
  • Upload your photo or pick from a gallery.

Pros and Cons of Maskr.AI


  • Taking selfies with your favorite celebrities is fun and simple with this tool.
  • A free trial is available.
  • Automatic facial recognition for realistic replacements.
  • Easy customization.
  • There are lots of top stars to pick from. 
  • You can even get clever captions with the GPT feature. 


  • Low-quality or blurry photos might not work well. 
  • Photos with many faces or complicated backgrounds may also not work.
  • Using celebrities' faces without their permission might not respect their privacy and consent.
  • Constantly comparing yourself to celebrities might make you feel bad about your appearance.

Pricing Plan

  1. Free trial for 10 photos.
  2. Price of $7.95 for 125 photos.

Best Suited For

Maskr AI is best for content creators, photographers, and all users who want to take their selfies with celebrities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maskr.AI?

It is a photo tool that uses AI. It helps you take special selfies with famous people. You can add, swap, or create selfies with celebrities using this tool.

What makes Maskr.AI different from other photo tools?

This tool uses advanced AI technology. It makes sure your face perfectly matches the person in the photo you want to swap or add. With Maskr AI, you can easily create unique selfies with celebrities. These selfies look like they were taken in real life.

How does Maskr.AI work?

This AI tool uses advanced technology to analyze photos. It recognizes facial features through automatic facial recognition and facial expressions tech. After that, it smoothly replaces the selected face with yours or adds your face to the photo.

Can I use Maskr.AI for free?

Yes, Maskr AI has a free version, but it has fewer features. If you want to use all the features and take special selfies with celebrities, you need to pay for the upgraded version.