Cleanup Pictures uses modern AI to effortlessly remove unwanted elements. User-friendly interface, high-resolution editing, and ideal for diverse use cases.

By: Joanna Penn, Published on: 2024-01-10, Last Updated: 13-03-2024

Reviewed by: Steven Pinker

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What would you do if you needed to remove unwanted stuff from your photos with just a click? Have you found any option? Ok if you don't then here my team and I found Cleanup Pictures to make photo editing easy.


It's like magic. Using AI, it helps you easily and quickly remove anything unwanted from your photos including unwanted object, people, text and defect. Cleanup Pictures is simple to use, with precise tools. Whether you're snapping pics for fun, selling stuff online, or a pro photographer, this tool can make your photos look perfect. helps you make perfect edits quickly. It's important for anyone who works with photos, like photographers or people selling things online.

Key Features of Cleanup Pictures

  • AI-based unwanted object removal.
  • Available on mobile and desktop (iOS/Android).
  • The pro version offers high-resolution editing.
  • Edit unlimited images.
  • User-friendly interface with an easy drag-and-drop option.

Pros and Cons of Cleanup Pictures


  • Ideal for diverse use cases.
  • Leaves no blurry traces behind.
  • Edit unlimited images with the free version.


  • Lack of accuracy for complex object removal.
  • Sometimes, problems occur with text removal.
  • It is hard to cancel the subscription.

Pricing Plan

  1. Free: It’s a free plan.
  2. Pro: For $3 per month.
  3. ClipDrop Pro: For $7 per month. cleanup-pictures-pricing

Best Suited For are best for photographers, creative agencies, e-commerce, and content creators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cleanup Pictures Inpainting?

Inpainting is a handy way to fix pictures by getting rid of things we don't want. It works by smartly filling in the gaps where those things were. This makes the picture look better without any obvious changes. It's great for making images look nicer overall.

Why is Cleanup Pictures better than other inpainting apps?

This AI tool changes how we edit images. It uses advanced AI algorithms to edit photos without needing to look at other pictures for reference. This makes editing easier and faster for everyone, no matter how experienced they are.

What image resolutions can Cleanup Pictures handle?

The Free version limits images to 720px, which restricts users' creativity. But with the Pro version, creators can use any size they want. This freedom lets them reach their full potential and improve their projects' quality and scope.

How to use Cleanup Pictures on mobile?

If you want to make cleaning up your phone easier, just get the ClipDrop app from the iOS App Store. It's easy to use and helps you turn pictures and documents into digital files. This way, you can tidy things up quickly, no matter where you are.