Duplichecker AI Detector Review

Duplichecker is a free AI detector for GPT3/GPT4 content. It's very user-friendly and perfect for me to use for writing detection.

By: Steven Pinker, Published on: 2024-01-05, Last Updated: 27-03-2024

Reviewed by: Joanna Penn

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Duplichecker is a handy tool for detecting copied content on the internet, ensuring originality for writers, students, and others. It offers various tools like a paraphraser, grammar checker, and word counter.


Its AI detector is specifically designed to prevent AI plagiarism by identifying content generated by models like GPT-3 and GPT-4.

Today, I'm practically using this duplichecker AI to check its accuracy. Before we begin, let's establish our review process. 

Process of Reviewing 

I tested dupliChecker's AI finder to see how good it is at telling if the content was written by a human or AI.

Step 1: Initial Evaluation

I started by comparing human-written content with content generated by AI. I wanted to see if this AI checker could spot the differences.

Step 2: Precision and Reliability Test

In this step, I compared the accuracy of this tool to that of a human-written blog and an AI-generated piece. 

Step 3: Experimenting with Strategies

Finally, I tried various tricks to see if this AI detector could show AI-generated content as human-written. 

Checking How Well DupliChecker's AI Detector Works

This tool can easily check for AI similarity within the content. You just need to open the website. Then, go to its AI content detector. Next, copy and paste your text in the text box. Finally, click on "Detect AI content." 

Now, let's see the accuracy of this AI finder. I asked ChatGPT to create a paragraph on the topic “Uses of Bluetooth.”


ChatGPT instantly provided me with a paragraph of 122 words on this topic. Now, let’s see if this tool can detect AI similarity.

I opened this AI content detector. In its text box, I pasted my generated content. Now, let’s see if it detects AI similarity within the content.


This AI checker shows that my AI-written content has just 41.2% AI plagiarism. 

Now, I’ll again generate a paragraph from ChatGPT, to see if it works. So, I prompted it to create a paragraph on the topic “Green tea.”


ChatGPT provided me with a paragraph of 98 words on that topic. Now, let’s check its AI percentage in this content. 

On pasting that paragraph in Duplichecker’s AI finder and pressing the detection button, it showed me that its AI similarity is 0%. 

To my satisfaction, this time I created a paragraph from Bard on the topic "Happiness."


Bard instantly writes me a paragraph of 197 words. Now, it’s time to see what it will do with this AI-written text.


At this moment, the AI detector showed me that this content has a 99.9% AI percentage. This time, the result was accurate.

Ok now, as I have checked the AI of the text. So, it’s time for me to find out whether this tool detects AI in human-written content. 

Now, I wrote a paragraph and inserted it in the text box of this tool. Will it point out AI in that text?

Let’s find out about this query.


Here is the result, and this time Duplichecker’s AI detector showed me that this content has 0.1% AI plagiarism in it.

So, it means that this tool does not work very well, as sometimes it doesn’t give authentic results.

Additionally, if you are searching for an accurate and free detector, AI Text Checker is a great option. It efficiently finds AI from the content and gives you score in percentage.

Key Features 

  • Identify AI-written text created from GPT3 and GPT4.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • It can analyze up to 2000 words in a single go.

What Does Duplichecker’s AI Detector Cost?

Its AI detection tool is free to use.

Pros and Cons of Duplichecker’s AI Detector

Let us look at the pros and cons. 


  • It has 100% accuracy (but when I checked, it doesn’t work as well as they claim). 
  • It’s free.
  • Have a user-friendly interface.


  • Don’t give any detail on the report.
  • It lacks a feature that highlights the AI-detected text.
  • Most of the time, it doesn’t show authentic results.

Best Suited For

This AI checker is useful for students, teachers, writers, bloggers, marketers, and others.


Additional Information

Final Thoughts

Duplichecker's AI Detector is a helpful tool. It finds AI-written content, especially from GPT3 and GPT4 models. The tool is easy to use and free. However, my review discovered accuracy issues, making its reliability questionable.

While, it could still be useful for students, teachers, writers, bloggers, and marketers looking for a straightforward AI detection option.