Discover the dos and don'ts of Phenaki AI tool that transforms text into high-quality videos effortlessly.

By: Steven Pinker, Published on: 2024-01-09, Last Updated: 13-03-2024

Reviewed by: Joanna Penn

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Making videos is really hard work. You have to write a script, film everything, and then edit it all together. It takes a lot of time and effort. I used to struggle with this until I found an amazing tool called Phenaki.


I had lots of ideas for fun stories I wanted to turn into videos, but the whole video making process was just too difficult for me. That's when I discovered while looking online for help.

Phenaki is an AI program that automatically creates videos from written descriptions. Just type in the story you want, and Phenaki will build the entire animated video with editing and visuals.

Key Features of Phenaki

  • It uses advanced algorithms to transform text into attractive videos.
  • It supports extended video lengths for more interesting content creation.
  • It is versatile and also creates videos from images.
  • Write video tales that last for minutes, making sure they make sense and keep viewers interested.
  • Easy customization helps shape the story in the videos, making them more interesting and relevant.

Pros and Cons of Phenaki AI


  • Can create AI-powered video from just a text prompt.
  • Created videos can be edited for specific purposes. 
  • It’s leading in making advanced videos. It creates videos that look very good.
  • The app is easy to use with a simple interface that everyone can understand.
  • This tool’s team keeps updating the app regularly to make it better for users.


  • Difficult to understand.
  • Video quality depends on the clarity and quality of text prompts.

Pricing Plan

This AI tool is free to use.

Used Cases

Phenaki is used for content creation, educational content, and marketing advertisements.


Additional Information 


What is Phenaki?

It is a new kind of AI tool. It makes realistic videos from written instructions. Unlike other video makers, this tool can make videos of any length and quality. It's useful in computer-generated video making because it can use a variety of prompts.

How does Phenaki work?

The model does something new. It uses a special way to change video frames into small tokens. These tokens help the model work with videos of different lengths. To make tokens from text, the model uses a special transformer. 

This transformer looks at text in both directions and is influenced by pre-made text tokens. These tokens are then changed back into video frames. 

What are the advantages of Phenaki?

It has a big advantage: it can make videos of any length easily. This helps many industries. This tool is efficient too. It makes high-quality videos quickly. This saves time and money on making and editing videos.

What types of videos can Phenaki generate?

Phenaki AI can make different kinds of videos. You just need to use text prompts. The videos must have a Creative Commons license. You can ask this tool to make videos of events, people talking, or any action sequences you want, whether they're fantasy or realistic.

Who can use Phenaki?

It is an AI tool that works in many types of businesses. It's useful for e-commerce, creative agencies, media, and entertainment companies. These are the main types of businesses that use it. This AI tool helps these companies make videos. They can be about products, events, or complex production scenes.