BRIA Review

Check out my easy BRIA review. Learn about BRIA's cool features that make talking with others super easy and smooth.

By: Steven Pinker, Published on: 2024-01-19, Last Updated: 15-03-2024

Reviewed by: Joanna Penn

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Many people struggled to create visuals for quality work. As someone who isn't very artistic, making custom pictures and videos always felt like a huge challenge. For example, sometimes, I'd spend hours trying to design something decent but end up frustrated with subpar results.


My visuals never looked professional or matched my brand properly. I have a team that loves checking out online tools and talking about the good ones. This time, I tried Bria. ai myself to tell you exactly how it works. When I used Bria, making cool pictures and videos became so easy. Before I start reviewing this tool, let's talk about why it's so good to use.

Special Features

Some notable key features of bria ai are 

  • Remove image backgrounds instantly with artificial intelligence.
  • Generate new and appealing backgrounds for your product images
  • Create accurate content that fits exactly what they want.
  • Helps users make lots of high-quality pictures and videos easily.
  • Provide different templates and sources of information.

Process of Using Bria

  • First, I go to the website and log into my account. 
  • Once I'm logged in, the website shows me main dashboard. This is where I can access all the AI tools for generating visuals.


  • To start, I scrolled down and clicked on “Text-to-Image Generation” to create a new image or video project.


  • Then I provide the prompt “A cute family is walking in the park with a colorful background” with some text details about the visual I want. I try to give instructions, like the subject, style, colors and other specifics.
  • After entering my description, I click the button “Get Images” to start generating images. After clicking, it provides me with a bunch of images related to my prompt.


  • This AI tool provides me with a customized option to change the image according to my needs.


  • Bria's AI then creates a new change, like the option of background removal, background blur or background generation. In which I can set my latest comments and directions.


I keep editing until I'm completely happy with the results. The process is really smooth for me to create brand visuals.

Pros and Cons

Here are Pros and Cons of BRIA


  • It uses AI to make high-quality images and videos really fast for me. This saves me a ton of time and money.
  • It has easy integration, so I can auto-generate images with just one click. 
  • Bria ai helps me make much better visuals, product images, remove objects from pictures, and protect my brand's style.


  • Sometimes the images Bria ai creates don't turn out exactly as I wanted. I may need to make some manual changes.
  • There are ethical and legal challenges around owning, crediting, and getting consent for generated images, especially with faces or copyrighted material.

Ideal Users

In my experience, Bria ai is a fantastic tool for people working in marketing. It allows them to effortlessly generate awesome pictures and videos for their marketing campaigns. If you manage social media, makes creating content a breeze with its simple interface and automation.

Pricing Plan

Bria ai offers a free tool for everyone to use. If you're looking to upgrade and get more features, the Pro package is available for $39 per month. With the Pro package, you get higher image quality, the ability to upload many files at once, and storage space for up to 100GB of assets.

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