Fakeyou Review

Explore what FakeYou can do in this brief review. How people use it for entertaining videos and how developers create unique voices for games and apps.

By: Steven Pinker, Published on: 2024-01-11, Last Updated: 14-03-2024

Reviewed by: Joanna Penn

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Sometimes you have to put some extra effort and struggle to transform your texts into a desired speech. Here I collaborate with my team and trying to explore this online Fakeyou tool.

fake you

FakeYou's text-to-speech is an online AI tool that makes fake voices sound real. You can type words, choose a voice and language, and it turns the text into spoken audio.

The FakeYou celebrity voice generator has 3626 voices, including ones that sound like SpongeBob, Will Smith, Donald Trump, and more. It works in languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and others.

It personally helps me to attain the required results, let’s read the full review and get pro[er information about it.

Key Features

Here are some notable key features:

1. Deepfake Voice Technology

FakeYou is a tool that uses advanced voice technology to create voices that mimic famous people.

This generator is achieved through special computer learning techniques. With FakeYou, you can generate voice overs that sound like various celebrities or characters.

2. Custom Voice Cloning

With this feature, users can create their own unique voices for voice overs. You can change them according to your project requirements.

3. User-Friendly Interface

FakeYou provides a service with a user-friendly design, making it easy for everyone. Its interface is straightforward and easy to navigate which is great for beginners.

4. Online Accessibility

FakeYou is a user-friendly online service, accessible from different devices. It allows easy voiceover creation anywhere with an internet connection.

5. Community Contributions

FakeYou allows people to add their own voices to its collection. This means there are more voices for everyone to choose from. When lots of people join in, you get many different voices to use.

Pros and Cons

Fakeyou has some good things and some not-so-good things.


  • Saves time and effort in voiceover creation
  • Removes the need for costly voice actors
  • Provides consistent and high-quality voiceovers
  • Allows for customization and personalization of voices
  • Suitable for various industries and applications


  • Some people say FakeYou doesn't work well sometimes
  • Right now, FakeYou can't record voices; it can only change text to speech
  • Rely on Internet connection speed

Is FakeYou available for free?

Yes, FakeYou offers a free version with limited features. For enhanced functionality, you can opt for one of three premium plans:

  • Plus: $7/month - includes regular processing priority, unlimited text-to-speech generation (up to 30 seconds of audio), up to 5 minutes of voice-to-voice audio, and up to 1 minute of videos for Wav2Lip fakeyou-pricing
  • Pro: $15/month - offers faster processing priority and additional features such as up to 1 minute of text-to-speech audio, up to 5 minutes of voice-to-voice audio, the ability to upload private models for text-to-speech and voice-to-voice, and up to 2 minutes of Wav2Lip video
  • Elite: $25/month - provides the fastest processing priority along with features like up to 2 minutes of text-to-speech audio, unlimited voice-to-voice audio, the ability to share private models for text-to-speech and voice-to-voice, and access to FakeYou commercial voices

Fakeyou AI Use Case 

FakeYou AI has many practical uses. Here are some examples:

  • People can use the tool to make fun videos by copying the voices of famous people
  • Content creators can use the tool to copy their own voice and add it to videos
  • Marketing professionals can use the tool to make voices for their promotional videos
  • Developers can use the tool to create voices for games or other programs


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