Find out how the LALAL.AI music tool does stem extraction. Review this article to learn more about its features and applications.

By: Joanna Penn, Published on: 2024-01-24, Last Updated: 15-03-2024

Reviewed by: Steven Pinker

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Music can do amazing things. It can make us feel emotions and bring people together. But for musicians and producers, working with music can be hard. LALAL.AI is a tool that has changed how I make music. I along with my team use various AI tools and review them. So, where I found this tool and now I’m reviewing it.


It's user-friendly and uses AI to help me take apart songs. With this AI tool, I can remove vocals, drums, bass, and other parts from songs quickly and accurately. This tool has become very important to me. It helps me work faster and gives me new ways to make music, like remixing and trying out new sounds.

It lets me separate parts of songs to practice or work with others. Using AI has made making music easier and more creative. With Lalal AI, I can make music that people all over the world will love.

Key Features of LALAL.AI

  • Stem splitters remove vocals with no loss of quality.
  • The voice cleaner eliminates background music and noise, ensuring clear voice tracks.
  • Easy to use with a simple interface for all users.
  • Uses advanced AI and machine learning.

Reviewing How LALAL.AI Works

Here, I’m going to review this AI tool. I’ll check how it works and how accurate it is. So, stay with me to explore this tool. 

I opened the tool and logged in. This interface appeared to me, as shown in the below screenshot. However, I clicked on “Select file” and uploaded an audio file from my device.


It took a couple of seconds, and the file was uploaded. After that, I chose the vocal and instrumental options to separate them. As both of them separated, I clicked on “Process the entire file.”


As you can see in the below picture, both files were separately prepared to be downloaded. Afterward, I downloaded both of the files on my device.


Overall, my experience with was great. If you want to discover this tool, you may give it a try.

Pros and Cons of LALAL.AI


  • Easily achieve impressive vocal separation.
  • The free version gives you access to a lot of features. 
  • Affordable one-time payment options.
  • Works well with simple musical compositions.
  • Continuous performance upgrading.


  • It may become difficult to separate rock and metal tracks.
  • Cleaning up heavily distorted guitar parts can be challenging.
  • Hard to understand.

Pricing Plan

  1. Free: It’s a free trial.
  2. Lite pack: For 18 (one-time fee) for 90 minutes.
  3. Pro pack: For $35 (one-time fee) for 500 minutes.
  4. Plus pack: For $25 (one-time fee) for 300 minutes. 

Best Suited For is best for musicians, producers, and audio engineers.

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