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Explore your European roots with the MyHeritage AI tool. Learn about family trees and historical records, and discover origins through DNA testing.

By: Steven Pinker, Published on: 2024-01-23, Last Updated: 15-03-2024

Reviewed by: Joanna Penn

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Understanding our family history is important. It helps us know where we come from and who we are. MyHeritage is a website that helps us explore our family history. It has a lot of records from Europe like birth and marriage records. This makes it easy for people to find out about their European ancestors.


This AI tool also offers DNA testing. This can help us find relatives we didn't know about and learn more about our family's story. My team reviews different AI tools and that’s where they find this, now I’m going to use it and will share my experience. Moreover, this tool can do various things with just a photo. It helps me to colorize black-and-white photos, and enhance or animate my images.

For me, has been beneficial. It has helped me learn about my ancestors and understand my family's story better. I can now share this knowledge with others and keep our family history alive for the future.

Key Features of MyHeritage

  • It connects 120 million family trees from all over the world.
  • Have rich historical records of countries, including censuses, certificates, newspapers, and more. 
  • A powerful search engine makes finding ancestors in records and family trees simple.
  • It colorizes, animates, and creates AI-generated videos from old photos.
  • With simple iOS and Android apps, you can conduct research on the go.
  • Manage your family tree's public and private information.
  • MyHeritage AI DNA allows you to discover origins from all over the world.

Reviewing How MyHeritage Works

Alright, with the above information I discussed, you are now well-versed in what this tool is and what features it has. Now, I’m going to review to check how it works and how accurate it is.

Primarily, I opened the website and logged in with my Gmail and password. After that, I clicked on “Upload photo” and selected an image from my device.


Just after selecting the photo, the processing starts, and the photo is converted into an animated image. It seemed like the picture came to life. Afterward, I downloaded it and saved it on my device.


In my opinion, this AI tool has awesome options, and the feature that I have tried worked really well. So, you may also try this tool to explore more about it.

Pros and Cons of MyHeritage


  • Accurate in ancestry research, analyzing DNA, and suggesting family links.
  • Identify and match faces effortlessly in family photos with AI-driven facial recognition.
  • Simple and user-friendly platform.


  • Services are expensive.
  • Privacy and security concerns.

Pricing Plan

  1. Premium: For $4.92 per month.
  2. PremiumPlus: For $9.08 per month.
  3. Complete: For $11.58 per month. myheritage-pricing

Who Is It For?

MyHeritage AI is best for genealogists, families, adoptees, and others. 

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