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By: Joanna Penn, Published on: 2024-02-09, Last Updated: 19-03-2024

Reviewed by: Steven Pinker

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Understanding what customers want is important for any business or startup. If people don't want what you're offering, it won't work out, no matter how cool your idea is.


My team and I use Validator AI to check out and improve our startup ideas. We chat with the AI about our plans, and it gives us helpful tips on figuring out if people actually want what we're offering.

Key Features 

Some notable key features of validator are:

  • This tool told about strengths and weaknesses about your startup idea.
  • Use smart AI to find problems and make your idea better.
  • provide helpful advice to make your business plan even better.
  • Validator gives quick feedback to make decisions fast.
  • See what's popular in the market for your startup idea.

Process of using Validator AI

After login I instantly write my prompt in the given box. I write, “I want to start a coffee business.”


Later, I clicked on the “generate” button to see the ideas about the coffee business. Then there is an “Idea Generator” form, which I fill out according to my needs.


After clicking on the “Generate Idea” button magic happens. AI tool provide me with multiple ideas instantly.


Pros and Cons

Here are some strengths and weakness of validator:


  • Provide high accuracy content.
  • The platform can check lots of different data types, like emails, phone numbers, addresses, and credit card info.
  • The system can check data really fast. This is handy for things like online forms and buying stuff online.
  • It's a flexible tool, users can change the validation rules to fit their needs.


  • This tool is not free, and the price plans might be too much for small businesses or individuals.
  • Users might rely on Validator AI a lot. If it has issues or stops working, that could be a problem.
  • Validator AI is mainly for checking data and might not be great for more complicated tasks.


Monthly subscription – Free

Who Uses Validator AI?

  • Small business owners aiming for unique product reviews
  • YouTubers in search of catchy titles and descriptions for their videos
  • Social media managers want to make awesome social media posts
  • SEOs, affiliate marketers, and anyone who write blog articles

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