Adobe Podcast Review

Explore Adobe Podcast to elevate your sound without expensive mics. Learn more about its recordings, easy editing, and royalty-free music.

By: Steven Pinker, Published on: 2024-01-25, Last Updated: 18-03-2024

Reviewed by: Joanna Penn

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Podcasting is a great way to tell stories, teach, and entertain people around the world with audio. Making good podcasts usually needs expensive equipment and lots of editing. But now, there's Adobe Podcast, which changes everything easily.


Thai tool uses smart technology to help me make professional-quality sound without needing expensive microphones or complex editing setups. As per my review, this tool gets rid of background noise and echoes, making my recordings clear and enjoyable.

What's special about is that it has many features that let me adjust volume, pitch, and frequency easily. This means I can make my audio just right for my audience in a short time. With the help of smart technology, this AI tool not only makes podcasting easier but also lets me make high-quality audio that keeps listeners hooked.

Key Features of Adobe Podcast

  • Enhance Speech removes background noise and echo to produce clearer voice recordings.
  • Mic Check analyzes and optimizes microphone setups.
  • Adobe Podcast’s Studio allows you to record, edit, and enhance audio directly in your browser.
  • Upload multiple files at once with ease.
  • Access royalty-free soundtracks, intros, and outros for podcasts.
  • Adjust the enhancement for a more natural sound. 

Checking How Adobe Podcast Works 

Ok, now let’s begin by reviewing this AI tool to see how it works and how accurate it is.

Primarily, I opened the website and logged in with my Gmail and password. This website has 3 tools, but I have to enhance my audio clip, so I clicked “Enhance Speech.”


Once I clicked that, this interface was displayed, as you can see in the below screenshot. Here I uploaded my audio file from my device, and this tool started processing it automatically to remove any noise from the background.


After a couple of seconds, my file was ready to download, so I downloaded it to my device for further use.


However, in my opinion, this tool is easy and simple to use and works really well for me. So, if you need to discover more, you may further check it out.

Pros and Cons of Adobe Podcast


  • Advanced AI technology allows for fast and accurate transcription.
  • Create voiceovers with customizable options for a more personalized touch.
  • Record audio remotely, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.
  • Streamline podcast creation with pre-designed templates for efficient and professional results.


  • Editing features are available exclusively with the premium pricing plan.
  • It requires a stable internet connection for proper functioning.

Pricing Plan

  1. A free trial is available for a month, offering basic features such as an enhanced speech max duration of 30 minutes (500 MB), 1 hour per day, and Mic Check.
  2. The Express premium plan is $9.98, offering advanced features such as bulk upload, adjustable settings, and enhancement up to 4 hours per day (1 GB).

Who Is It For?

Adobe Podcast AI is best for educators, content creators, bloggers, journalists, and others.

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